Our Histry
Sunday Service (9am - 11am)
Sunday School (3pm - 5pm)
Early morning prayer (4am - 5am)
Street children school (8am - 11am)
Adult Literacy Center for Women (3pm - 5pm)
Bible Reading Class (6pm - 7pm)
Bible Study (5pm - 7pm)
Choir Practice (8pm - 9pm)

Prayer Meeting (5pm - 7pm)

Mass (6pm - 8pm)
Fast and Mass (6pm - 7pm)
Youth Meeting (7pm - 8pm)



As God sent prophets by time to time for Israel such as God put the foundation stone of Methodist Church among the youth of Great Britain in 1729, John and Charles Wesley were the founders of Methodist Church. In 1739 Methodist started working in Europe. 
In 1856 this work of God reached to the continent of Hind. A missionary namely William Tailor came to this region to preach the Gospel from Methodist platform. In 1950 the Methodist Church was registered with the government of Pakistan after the separation of Sub-continent. 1n 1970 the government of Pakistan nationalized the Christian Institutes and the Christian missionaries was went back to their natives countries. Then the local Methodist Church served the Lord Jesus Christ independently but under supervision of doctrine of Methodist Church. We faced many problems in this regards but we gave our problems to Jesus Christ. Now we are serving the Lord in Pakistan and saving the soul for His Kingdom.
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